Most Pinned Recipes of 2015

Welp, here we are… the very last day of the year 2015!

It’s been a long and crazy year full of unforgettable memories. Looking back, my trips and adventures are the happy memories that stand out to me the most. I had a chance to visit New Orleans (check out New Orleans Culture) in January, California (check out my California Road Trip) (twice, actually) in May, London (see my article on How to Spend 4 Days in London), Paris (The Perfect 3 Days in Paris), and Kenya (What You Need to Know Before Your First African Safari) in June, Iowa (Iowa CornQuest) and Chicago in the fall, and Columbia (See 5 Reasons to go to Cartagena) in November.

This year was definitely the best year of travel I’ve had yet!

I have a lot of high hopes for 2016: I want to focus on practicing mindfulness, exercising more regularly (I know, I know… such a typical “resolution”!), and working on a super top-secret recipe project (yay!).

So far, my travel plans include China in February, Scandinavia in the summer, and potentially one more big trip in the fall (India? New Zealand? Anyone have suggestions?).

Alright, so about these most-pinned recipes of 2015. These are the recipes that I published over the past year that were shared the most times on Pinterest. Most of my all-time most-pinned recipes were created back in 2014 and 2013, so I’m not counting those here.

The biggest surprise for me was that 3 out of the top 8 pinned recipes were for cocktails! I feel like that gives me license to create lots more cocktails in 2016. Mmmk.

1. Easy Russian Cabbage Roll Soup (pinned more than 26k times so far this year)

All of the flavor of homemade cabbage rolls without the hard work of rolling them. This cabbage roll soup hits the spot every time!

2. How to Make a Whiskey Smash (22k pins)

Tart lemons and fresh mint are muddled with sugar to form the base of this classic Whiskey Smash. Think you don't like whiskey? Think again!

3. Veggie Loaded Chow Mein (14k pins)

For a healthier version of chow mein, bulk up your noodles with a nutrient boost of fresh vegetables!

4. French Pork with Apple Cream Sauce (7k pins)

Boneless pork chops are pan-fried then simmered in a rich sauce of shallots, granny smith apples, hard cider, and heavy cream. This French Pork recipe is date night perfection!

5. Cucumber Watermelon Gin Cooler (6.5k pins)

Cucumber Watermelon Gin Cooler

6. One Pot Spicy Southern Sausage and Rice (6k pins)

One pan and 30 minutes is all you need to make this Spicy Southern Sausage & Rice!

7. Easy Thai Drunken Noodles (5.5k pins)

Easy Thai Drunken Noodles

8. Boozy Iced Coffee (5k pins)

Ideas for boozy iced coffee concoctions, whether the weather is hot, cold, or somewhere in between!

See you in 2016!

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  1. Annette while I think India would be exciting I cannot recommend New Zealand Highly enough. I com from Australia and let me just say that New Zealand has all the wondrous views that the world has to offer and it is all packed into two small islands, so it is doable even in a small time period.