Remodel Update: The Worst is Over!

WARNING: Image heavy post ahead! Behr Paint graciously supplied paint for our remodel, and I got a little overexcited about sharing the photos. Please forgive the cell-phone pictures! 😉

Follow along as one food blogger's house undergoes a $100,000 renovation!

Okay, team.

Is it okay if I call you team? I just feel like we’re all in this together. Maybe this is because I just can’t handle any more remodel shenanigans without my support team (um, that’s you).

You know how everyone says that remodels are really stressful?

Well, that’s because they are. They really, really are.

I can’t even tell you how amazing it was for me to escape the madness in New Orleans for four days!! I’m not sure I’ve ever needed a vacation more than I have these past few months.

Just check out this garage situation:


Some days I feel like I’m pulling my hair out. A lot of the time we’re taking one step forward and two steps back, but I’m super stoked (do people still use that word?) to share that the worst is over and we officially have all of our drywall work completed and the house is painted!

Here are a few shots with *just* the drywall done (no new paint):


Here are some terrifying (and death defying) shots of my father-in-law taping and painting the house:


(please take special note of the fact that the scaffolding is held up by a log which is screwed into a board supported by an air vent)

Seriously, I was holding my breath during some of this but my father in law has the balance of a freakin’ panther.

I also snagged this picture of the husband balancing between an extension ladder and two stories of scaffolding to clean some paint splatter off our kitchen skylight:


Like father, like son, right?

It is so amazing the difference a coat of paint makes in a room, let alone an entire house. The entire house looks bigger, cleaner, brighter, and overall about six thousand times better.


I’m super picky about, well, everything, and choosing the paint was no different. I knew from day one that we wanted to use Behr’s new Marquee line (one coat coverage? Yes, please!), so I was ecstatic when Behr offered to provide paint for our project! You wouldn’t believe how many gallons of paint we went through to freshen up the house.

We gave the ENTIRE house (ceilings, too!) a new look with Behr Marquee’s Crisp Linen and it looks totally fabulous. Since we’re using so much wood in the house, I thought it would be nice to balance it out with some cool blue-grey tone colors, so we painted accent walls in the master bedroom, kitchen, downstairs bathroom, and the man cave.

Here are the four colors we used in the house (from left to right: Park Avenue, Crisp Linen, Gateway Gray, and Gotham Gray):


I agonized for weeks trying to pick out the right colors!

I mentioned offhand to the husband that the line has a color called “Gotham Grey” and he immediately decided that the man cave would be painted that color. He didn’t even look at a color sample! Here’s the freaky part – the color is totally gorgeous.


How is it that I can spend forever picking out the right colors and he lucks into choosing the perfect color based on name alone? He played paint roulette and he totally won.

Check out this before-and-after of the Master Bedroom with a coat of beautiful Crisp Linen:


I painted an accent wall in the Master bedroom a beautiful “greige” (grey-beige) color called “Park Avenue.” It makes me feel super fancy and I love it. I painted it on the wall that our bed’s headboard will rest against, so now I’m just itching to get our bed in there!


As much as I love the Crisp Linen, Gotham Grey, and Park Avenue colors, my hands down favorite has to be the Gateway Grey.

As soon as my girlfriend Michele and I put it up on in the kitchen we both stepped back and swooned.


Michele has impeccable taste and (luckily for me!) loves putting up new paint. She also has the steadiest hand of anyone I know and cuts in a ceiling line LIKE A BOSS. No joke, I could pinpoint the *exact* area in the man cave where she took over for me because her section is perfect and my section has paint all over the ceiling.

I loved the Gateway Grey color so much I decided to put it up in the downstairs bathroom, too. It is such a sophisticated color and I’m pretty much obsessed with it at this point.


Check out the progress we’ve made on my new studio office:


Annnnnnd one more before-and-after of the upstairs spare room:


Alright, what do you guys think? Do you love the colors as much as I do?

We’ve come such a long way (in such a short time!), but there’s still lots more to come before we’ve finished the renovation. Next time I’ll be posting about the “reconstruction” phase – meaning cabinets (Eeeeee!), flooring (double Eeeeee!), and all of the other fun fixtures that go into a home.

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Signing off, grabbing an americano, and getting back to work,


p.s. Special thanks to Behr for sponsoring paint for our project!!

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  1. Hello Anetta,.
    Just stumbled across your blog today. Whoa, your remodeled home is looking amazing.
    I love your open floor plan and your colour choice. I can’t wait to see the finish product.
    It will be so worth it. !

    1. Thanks so much, Cheryl! I’ll be sharing the updated photos in just a few days 🙂

  2. I have just one question …


    This is amazing. I am so SO envious. It’s going to look beautiful (and it doesn’t look half-bad now!).

    From a cold and damp Oxford …

    All best wishes,


    1. Haha, thanks, Penny! It’s pretty cold and damp here in Portland, too. It’s so hard for me to see the progress at the house because I’m out there every day, so it’s really nice to hear this compliment from you!

  3. Wow, you guys are moving right along. I see you got all the wall paper down. That rat situation was whoa! Glad that is out of the way. It seems to be going so fast. I hate watching people up on ladders or scaffolding too so, I say, just don’t look. 🙂 The paint colors that you are holding on the board are nice, but I never thought they would look as good as they do on the walls you painted Yes, love the Gotham Grey. It looks so rich/deep. I really like the “greige” wall in the master bedroom. It does look fancy, 😀 I like beige and grey/s together. Keep that friend of yours that likes to paint…golden. I think you are doing an excellent job with all your choices. I am sure it is very stressful but I know it will be worth it. How wonderful that Bher has offered to support this major project- yay!!! Enjoy Annetta, it won’t be too much longer. I am so excited to see the end result but really love seeing the whole process.

  4. Girl….this house is RIDICULOUS!!! The vaulted room….wow. So gorgeous!! You are doing such an amazing job, fun to watch! And those colors are so beautiful, I can’t wait to see more! Miss you, but glad you’re back to supervising this awesome project. haha. Thanks for sharing the update!

    1. Thanks, lady!! We’re making lots of progress this week – my counter tops are coming in! Eeee!

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