10 Easy Vegetarian Dinner Recipes from Around the World

Ten easy vegetarian dinner recipes from places far and wide, all ready in under 30 minutes. No boring soups or salads in this list!

10 easy vegetarian dinner recipes from places far and wide, all ready in under 30 minutes. No boring soups or salads in this list!

We all need more easy vegetarian dinner recipes, but frankly I’m sick of soup and salad. Here are ten of my favorite recipes to get a meat-free dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less!

Easy Vegetarian Dinner Recipes

Veggie Loaded Chow Mein


For a healthier version of chow mein, bulk up your noodles with a nutrient boost of fresh vegetables! Serve with a quick cup of hot tea and a binge-worthy show on Netflix.

Vegan Indian Potato Chickpea Stew


Spiced potatoes, chickpeas and carrots are simmered in a savory vegetable broth with spinach and plump raisins. Toasted cashews and fresh lemon juice add crunch and freshness to this hearty meal!

Savory Dutch Baby


This Savory Dutch Baby is loaded with cheese and topped with tomato, avocado, and a perfect fried egg. I had the chance to test out this handy Five Blade Box Grater — it definitely made preparing this meal even faster! Get yours from Amazon here.

10 Minute Pasta for One


Pasta for one, in just ten minutes time! This “recipe” requires NO MEASURING, just 5 ingredients, and can easily be scaled to make more servings.

Simple Soba Noodle Stir Fry


It doesn’t get much simpler than this! For nights when even looking through a take-out menu seems like too much work, use up some leftover veggies to make this vegetarian soba noodle stir fry.

Chinese Tomato Eggs


Chinese Tomato Eggs are as simple as they are surprising – perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

Potato Chip Spanish Tortilla


A Potato Chip Spanish Tortilla is just the thing for an easy weeknight meal. You only need three ingredients and five minutes–start to finish– to get this dinner on the table!



Whether enjoyed first thing in the morning, or as an easy breakfast-for-dinner, this classic dish of eggs simmered in spicy tomato sauce will both delight and satisfy. Be sure to serve your Shakshuka (or, eggs in purgatory) with plenty of crusty bread for dipping!

Atakilt Wat


This easy vegan dish is one of my favorite parts of any Ethiopian meal! Humble Atakilt Wat is made from cabbage, carrots, and potatoes spiced with fragrant Berbere seasoning. Serve it with simmered lentils and Ethiopian flatbread for an easy weeknight dinner!



Menemen is just the thing for a hearty breakfast or an easy weeknight dinner. These Turkish scrambled eggs are cooked over low-heat until just set, then smeared over toasted pita chips to make a luscious and richly-spiced meal!

 Alright, I think that’s enough easy vegetarian dinner recipes to keep us busy for a while.


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